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This is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment appropriate for clients age 15 and over. The great majority of cases are completed in a treatment time of 6 months. Some patient’s are actually treated in less time. Some very difficult cases can take more time. Even these difficult cases are often treated in just 8 or 9 months. So treatment is completed in 4 to 9 months with most cases being completed in 6 months.

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Most patients seeking orthodontic treatment have a chief complaint related to the esthetics of their teeth (eg. crooked, spaces or gaps). Although some patients may have complaints related to TMJ problems, headaches, or facial profile concerns, the great majority of patients want to improve their smiles.

The goal of braces is to give the patient a great smile. Cosmetic braces are analogous to porcelain veneers, bonding and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Instead of preparing the teeth and bonding porcelain veneers to them, the teeth are moved with special braces to their most beautiful position. This is not to say that we do not change the bite because we do, but the main focus of treatment is the front teeth.

Traditional BracesBeyond their traditional color, the only thing traditional about these braces is that you can see them. Contemporary braces are made of super strong metal alloys derived from the space program. Their strength allows them to be the smallest of all braces and therefore the most comfortable. Their density makes them ultra slippery so teeth move faster than they ever have before. Today's braces, in combination with other high tech materials mean fewer office visits to complete treatment.Clear Braces with tooth colored wireCeramic braces utilize less noticeable brackets for patients concerned about aesthetic appearances. Ceramic brackets are translucent, so they blend in with your natural tooth color. This means that unlike traditional stainless steel braces, with ceramic braces your smile will not look 'metallic.' In addition, ceramic brackets are designed so that they won't stain or discolor over long periods of time. An orthodontist can let you know if you are a candidate for ceramic braces.

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